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WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs

WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs

WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs

WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs and how to make the right choice

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So you’ve quit social media, are launching a new online venture without all the social media noise and are wondering if your business will even get noticed without offering your time and content to the giants like Facebook…

The answer is yes, built and optimised the right way and it will get noticed – your website is the strongest tool in the box to help you achieve this – the right WordPress theme is crucial [if you have chosen WordPress as your CMS of course] so how do you choose the right one?

You’re a female entrepreneur and need something professional, easy to manage with minimal maintenance, you need a solid reliable template from which to structure your site, branding and messaging with quick tech support if you need it.

We have been using themes from Bluchic since 2018, run by Andrew and Kathy they specialise in themes for female entrepreneurs and have a good selection of themes available.

Why consider a Bluchic theme?

‘WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs’ are what Bluchic craft and create but what does this actually mean? Is the fact that a website uses pastel colours, sparkles and pink roses mean its ‘feminine’? There is one thing to understand about WordPress and that is that themes are essentially like a t-shirt you put on in the morning, you can change it for another and have a completely different look but it’s still you underneath, WordPress themes are the same.

Bluchic have niched down on the feminine aspect and it works well, more importantly though is the framework underneath it all and this is where these templates shine through good coding, speed, functionality and importantly customer support [very quick] and documentation.

WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs
WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs
best wordpress themes for women business owners

Aren’t they expensive?

There is no getting away from the fact that Bluchic themes are expensive but lets pause for a moment and think about value instead, These themes are premium products and just like most other things in life in you get what you pay for. Older themes are less expensive than the newer examples so if all you need is a template for blogging then any of these would be ideal.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a custom website or dig through pages of WordPress themes that aren’t right for your online business.You can make a great impression online and get your website just right so you can show off everything your business has to offer.

– Bluchic

The Bluchic themes using the Elementor page builder for example command a premium and while you may think that nearly $150.00 dollars is simply too much I cannot stress that as a one time purchase this actually makes all the sense in the world as Bluchic themes have proven to be the lowest maintenance of all my websites by a country mile.

Our Experience with Bluchic

Our own personal experience with Bluchic has been a positive one, in four years I have only contacted support once and spoken to Andrew about about a non essential customization I wanted to try. WordPress updates can be the dread of many a web designer and with Bluchic there has never been any issues at all, one thing I have noticed is that updates are infrequent, the themes are solid and therefore need fewer updates.

bluchic wordpress settings

At the back end you have an easy to understand menu of options, WordPress is a learning curve for first time users but with Bluchic themes all you have to be is methodical and work your way through the options – the options are vastly more simple than some other themes I have used, simplicity in this case works well.

There are a couple of areas where you might need to pop in some code if you insist on using a couple of features but these are not essential. Overall the theme is intuitive, good for beginners and non problematic.

We highly recommend Bluchic themes and continue to use them ourselves for several websites including client’s sites. When it comes to having a solid platform for your business without social media Bluchic is a sound choice, it is also worth checking out their website for other digital products they offer such as graphics, landing pages etc.

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With more than 15 years of experience in front end WordPress development my approach remains simple – to create a dynamic online platform to stand out from the rest and compliment your brand.

Article written by: SOBRYETI

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