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Stop Scrolling, Start Living!

You CAN stop using social media & have a successful business, I am here to help you do just that.

Hey I’m Gayle, and I want you to know that you don’t have to stay stuck in the addictive trap of marketing your business on social media. So many small business owners have been brainwashed into thinking it’s the only way to make money online, and yet there are so many more fun, authentic, powerful, and profitable ways you can market your brand, which will make you money faster without burning out.

If you hate being a slave to the addictive algorithms, and are constantly struggling to come up with engaging content (which nobody ever sees anyway), marketing your business can start to feel exhausting and soul-destroying. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can leave! Life Not Likes was created to give you the authentic connection & support you need. Fall in love with your business again, fall in love with marketing and thrive!


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But, I get it - taking that leap can feel terrifying. As a coach with a successful online brand, I worried that if I left social media all my clients would disappear, my website would grind to a halt, the income would stop and I would vanish into the ether, never to be seen again. But when social media began to feel like more of an addiction than a business tool I knew I had no choice but to leave.

That fear of your whole business falling apart if you quit social media is keeping you there even though it is taking over your life, giving you a headache, making you feel less than and dragging you away from where you really want to be, so you stay.

You stay because that’s what you do right? 

You have to show pictures of your overnight oats or your feet hanging off a cliff to prove that you are a real person with a life, you have to expose the vulnerable humanness of your humanity to sell your product or service and you have share your whole life, with the whole world, all the time, just to book your ideal client. 

You have to be on social media if you want a successful business. Right?

Wrong! And the day came when I was more concerned with taking a selfie for my stories than enjoying the breathtaking location we were in, when I realised just how much of my life I was willingly selling, and for what?

This was enough to prompt me to take a serious step back from social media and look at exactly how much life I was exchanging for likes and how much those ‘likes’ were helping me to grow my business.

Not a whole lot as it turns out!

You can do so much more...

So many of us are spending the equivalent of a part time job on social media per week, 11 hours in my case, for a return that equates to less than minimum wage, much, much less.

In that first week, with the 11 hours I saved by not scrolling I…..

  • Walked 6932 steps more than I had for ages
  • Made banana bread
  • Didn’t have headache
  • Wrote a blog post
  • Had two fabulous podcast interviews
  • Booked a new client
  • Made a tweak to one of my products and immediately made sales
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stop using social media

"I know what it’s like to keep doing the thing you really don't want to do because you can’t see another way. In 2018 after years of daily drinking, I quit drinking for good, it was the scariest, most liberating thing I have ever done.

My social media use was starting to feel like my drinking did, before I quit.

So I know how scary it feels to take that leap, when you don’t know whether you will fly or fall but I also know how it feels to be free, to do the things that really make a difference in your business (and life) without being sucked in, chasing likes and wasting time while you wait for the next dopamine hit.

The more time you waste, getting sucked in, trying to beat the algorithm, looking for the perfect social media strategy, the less productive, authentic, strategic and fulfilled you will be, not to mention, the really powerful, simple and quicker ways to market your business you won’t have time to benefit from because, you’re too busy trying to ‘make social media work’

Together with my experience as a empowering sobriety coach, combined with everything I’ve learned about running a successful business, I can help you enjoy authentic marketing, connection and networking, giving you the support you need to explore and do more of the things you know that actually work

I will support you as you go from feeling flat and deflated from scrolling, being side tracked and distracted by the little hits of dopamine and instant gratification, to growing your confidence, developing your skills, and increasing your visibility. Together, in the Life not Likes community we will help you grow your business and make more money using powerful marketing that works. Support, community and accountability to help you run a successful business without being a slave to social media. Stop scrolling and start living!

“How many hours would you save, how much energy would you have, how much more life would you live, if social media was no longer part of your day?”



You can stop using social media. Join the community & get the support and connection to grow your business, make more money, have fun and live your life! 




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You Can Stop Using Social Media

It is safe for you to stop using social media for business. If your social media use is taking over your life, and still not giving you the results you want, you can leave! Join Life not Likes for community, connection & support. Grow your business, make money and have fun!