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An uplifting, vibrant community to inspire and support you to social media freedom. Make great money, reach more people and create more joy in your life and your business

The monthly support membership for small business owners ready to step off the social media hamster wheel and grow their business in ways that are fun, aligned and authentic without sacrificing their precious time and headspace.

Hey! I’m so delighted that you’re here ready to choose life over likes with the help and support of our incredible membership community. We’re here to help you get visible, grow your audience, attract your ideal clients, make great money and learn how to use powerful, profitable marketing that feels good, doesn’t take up all your time so you can finally leave social media and be free to live your life and run your business instead of being a slave to the scroll.

I get it. On the one hand using social media for business seems like a brilliant idea, it appears free, everyone is on there, you get instant access to thousands, if not millions of possible future clients and business buddies, it feeds your creative tendencies, its a quick, easy way of reaching your audience and heck, it even works and you’re earning money and enrolling clients.

Social Media is a giant machine for getting you to spend your time caring about the wrong things

– Oliver Burkeman. Four Thousand Weeks

life without social media membership


You’re sick of the comparisonitis, the toxicity, the fact that you check your insta feed or facebook likes first thing in the morning and last thing at night, not to mention the hundreds of times a day you pick up your phone, just for a minute when you’re standing in a queue, running the bath, waiting for the kettle, or when you’re supposed to be doing the thing that will actually make a difference in your business.

And that’s even before you spend time thinking about, planning, creating, scheduling and posting the actual content to go on all the social media platforms, then there’s the teeny, tiny sneak peeks to check for likes and comments that result in even more time lost.

You dream of the day when you don’t have to use it and all the things you’ll do with the extra time, and you secretly rejoice when the internet goes off so you have a legitimate reason for not being on social media ( just me?!)

Are you?

  • Done with being stuck in the time sucking, endless scrolling, social media trap.
  • Tired of posting for no real return
  • Sick of creating gorgeous content that no-one sees
  • Putting off important projects because you’re always on social media
  • Worried about the impact of social media on brain development and mental health
  • So tired of feeling like a performing monkey and for what…?!
  • Worrying about the subconscious messaging seeping in
  • Feeling like you don’t like the algorithm and the feeling of being manipulated
  • Hating being a slave to it and the intrusiveness
  • Tired of the feeling that you always have to be doing something
  • Worrying about the space social media takes up in your head
  • Feeling  guilty when you’re on social media and guilty when you’re not
stop doomscrolling

You desperately want to leave...

You desperately want to leave social media but feel you can’t because

  • You’re scared of losing business
  • You don’t know how to get clients
  • You worry you’ll feel disconnected
  • You’re confused as to how else to promote your business
  • There’s FOMO
  • You don’t know how else to be visible and reach your audience
  • You worry you’ll stop making money
  • You worry you might become irrelevant
  • You’re scared you’ll disappear

Or perhaps you’ve even said..

I’ll leave social media when..

  • I’ve got more money coming in, 
  • I get better at blogging,
  • I’ve got my podcast up and running,
  • I’ve finished my media pitch,
  • I’ve got my local network group going,
  • I feel more confident
  • My business is flowing
  • I’m running my business how I want to
  • I have different marketing strategies in place
leave social media for good

It's liberating to be free of the daily grind of endless scrolling

– Phillip

Here's the thing...

When you say yes to social media marketing you are saying no to something else and it actually doesn’t matter how you market your business, it’s about how you feel about it that counts.

We’ve basically been brainwashed into believing that the only way to be seen, grow your audience and be one of the crowd is to be on social media. But it’s totally not true, there are more and more businesses and entrepreneurs choosing to market their business and move their communities away from social media and this number will keep on growing as we wise up to the manipulative tactics that the social media companies are employing to keep us hooked, even when we don’t want to be.

There are hundreds of ways to market your business without social media and I know that there is something out there that you will be amazing at and will bring you so much success. You just need the space, confidence, accountability and tools to help you find it, use it and get great results from it.

stop the doomscrolling

This is what we do...


We help you find the courage to stop hiding behind social media and explore other more powerful ways to market your business which feel scary but when done well, with purpose and intention bring exciting results.

We connect you with other like minded business owners in one space to share in the joys and navigate the challenges together – there’s your networking right there!

We help you work through the things that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from moving away from social media and safely help you to leave it behind and put other systems and strategies in place.

We give you the all important ongoing accountability and support to put your knowledge into action so you can get the results you desire – finally stop procrastinating and take action to move your business forward

This is what we do, we help you say no to social media so you can say yes to so much more, more business, more life, more money and more time. More joy!


Join Life Not Likes today and enjoy


Find freedom from social media, escape the endless, mindless scroll and enjoy more powerful & profitable marketing

Life Not Likes gives you the support & confidence to spend more time on the bits of your life & business that light you up

Enjoy being part of a growing, thriving community of like minded professionals, just like you

The opportunity to feature on our blog and podcast – instant visibility

Three powerful live coaching calls every month.

You are never alone. We’re here to support you, as you find your feet and navigate your new way of doing life and business without social media.

We’re here to cheer you on as you put things into practice & reach for your goals. No procrastination here!

So, are you ready to finally stop being a slave to the social media scroll and start running your business in more profitable and powerful ways that don’t take over your time and your life?

Of course you are!

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You Can Stop Using Social Media

It is safe for you to stop using social media for business. If your social media use is taking over your life, and still not giving you the results you want, you can leave! Join Life not Likes for community, connection & support. Grow your business, make money and have fun!