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Quit Social Media Membership Community

Life Not Likes membership Community

Quit Social Media Membership Community

In this post I am excited to explain a bit more about the Life not Likes quit social media membership community so you get an idea of what it’s like inside and what you can expect. This is a new space for me and for you, so of course it is going to change and evolve as we do, which is really exciting and what makes it such a great thing to be a part of.

The membership space is for you if you are a business owner and you’re tired of marketing your business on social media due to the many reasons we’ve already covered on this website. For so many of us, the good bits of using social media for business such as community, connection, the support and the networking, are overshadowed by the negative experiences of using social media which we are all familiar with, not least the fact that it is highly distracting and the time, effort and energy we’re spending on social media (including the planning and creating of content) is disproportionate to the results, clients and income we get in return.

Basically in the life not likes community space you can enjoy all of the great bits of social media with none of the nasty side effects!

Why do we even need this space at all?

Well, change is scary, even the idea of change or of doing something out of the ordinary is terrifying and one of the many reasons why we stay on social media when we don’t want to is because of fear, anxiety and self doubt.

One of the biggest fears of leaving social media is that you won’t reach your clients or customers, you will lose business and income. People won’t know how to find you and you might even cease to exist!

You may have even downloaded our free guide or completed a course to help you market your business without social media, or done a social media detox, yet it’s somehow not enough to take you to where you want to be. You still go back to posting on Instagram, even when you would rather be doing something else because you’re missing the real game changer, the ongoing support and accountability to keep you going when challenges occur.

When I took my first social media break, I spoke to fellow business owners and these are some of the things they said about being on social media:

“This is very aligned with how I feel too. I am also unhappy with being part of something that is clearly damaging to society and individuals. I love the community on sm but it’s time to create a healthier version!!” – Nicola

“It was a weird feeling of up and down, being pulled this way and that .. guilty for not posting, relieved that I didn’t have to .. overwhelming emotions that ultimately lead to feeling miserable … all for taking a bloody photo and posting it with a caption!?!?!?!?” – Katy

The struggle is real, I’ve been there and the one thing that makes all the difference when doing something new or different or scary, is doing it with other people!

Why join us?

Life not Likes is not just a quit social media membership full of training and resources; we’re so much more than that. We understand that signing up for yet another course is not going to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. You need more than just facts and information which is why we will support you in three powerful ways.

The fear reducing steps to social media freedom

We don’t want you to just quit social media by yourself, throw your phone away and hope for the best! No, we’re not about letting you struggle and second guess and deal with the FOMO alone.  The physical act of letting go of social media is one of the hardest things to do, that’s why there are regular social media detox challenges to help you leave social media in a way that feels safe, supported and within your control. We’re here to guide and support you through the fear and anxiety, so you can share your challenges, ask questions, try out new things with other people cheering you on.

QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA membership Community

Mindset and energy are really the most important aspects when it comes to embracing change and feeling good. It takes courage, and support and strength to go against the grain and get comfortable with showing up as yourself. It also takes courage and support when the cravings kick in and you find yourself itching to pick up your phone or sign in to the platforms – we’ll support you with that too, we’ve been there and know how it feels.

We’re here for you as you take the leap and step up as your true self, as you practice saying no to the herd and yes to yourself. We’re here to help you take back your life and your business and do things your way.  No more waiting to get things in place, we’ll help you get things in place before you feel you’re even ready!

Marketing your business in more powerful and profitable ways

Marketing can be a scary word and often we find ourselves flipping from one strategy to the next, doing something just because someone else in our industry is doing it and not really feeling aligned with any of it.

Marketing activities need to be meaningful, aligned, intentional, and feel good to you. We will help you to figure out the best marketing strategy for you, remembering that the strategy itself is not important, it’s how it makes you feel. So yes there will be specific trainings as and when needed but the key to ending your work day feeling inspired and accomplished is practicing what we’ve learned, taking steps in the direction we want to go in, getting support and accountability when we need it most and celebrating with others who get it.

Therefore, in the life not likes membership community space, you won’t find a whole load of courses to make you feel bad for not completing. The main point of the community is just that, to be a community to share ideas, to talk, to ask questions and to get support. There is so much waiting for you when you leave social media behind but I know that it is not easy to step away and trust that there is another way, many ways in fact, to successful business marketing that won’t leave you drained and uninspired.

To get the most out of the support, you just have to show up as yourself, ask questions, share ideas and advice. You already know so much and have lots of experience, it is just a question of trusting that you do know enough and we’ll help you to build your confidence so that whatever marketing activities you do will be hugely successful,

Having fun with your social media free time – the ‘Life’ side of things!

We are not about simply swapping social media marketing for other forms of marketing. Oh no! We know that there is more to life than work, work, work.  It’s a proven fact that proper down time away from work and screens, and spending it doing worthwhile things with worthwhile people is key to more focus, success, and happiness at work and at home. When I first quit social media, the most profound transformation was having the time and head space to do things that I enjoyed which I had been neglecting. This alone meant I came back to my desk feeling inspired and fresh which made anything I did so much easier.

Life Not Likes membership Community

Here in the Life Not likes membership community, we really do want you to choose life over likes, and the scary thing is that it has become hard for us to slow down, and switch off. We’re not comfortable with boredom or pushing through procrastination, or allowing ourselves time away just because.  It is hard to just sit and be or relax without feeling guilty for not working.

Social media has become a big distraction tool that makes us think we have to be busy all the time. Even when we’re supposed to be relaxing, we’re still  wondering how we can share just ‘how relaxed we are ’ with our audience meaning we’re not actually relaxing or taking proper time out at all. This switching off and changing mindset is often the thing that you will need most help with. We’ve got you.

“I feel relief and calm having walked away .. Scrolling is not our friend !! Isn’t it lovely to go outside and spend time in nature instead of scrolling mindlessly through your phone!” – Katy

You are part of something magical

It’s not the training, the learning to put down your phone or how to write a blog that makes this space so special, it’s you. The real joy and transformation comes from just showing up as yourself and allowing yourself the experience of being part of something magical with amazing people just like you.

A quit social media membership, is it for you? Mentorship, support and friendship are important. Community and connection are important. Networking and being able to reach clients and customers is important. But the most important thing is being involved, making this space your own, making it a safe, supportive and welcoming place that feels like coming home when you log on. This is indeed, the absolute best place to be to learn how to market your business without social media, to have fun, to be successful, to be you.

If social media is making you unhappy then come on in and try something new. Be part of something different. You deserve so much more than being stuck in spirals of endless scrolling. You deserve freedom, success and fun in life and in business. That’s what you’ll get when you join the Life Not Likes membership community Space.

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Life Not Likes

Life Not Likes is Gayle & Mac, living a life of total joy and freedom from social media. We quit scrolling in 2022 and have never looked back. Life and business are fun again and thriving.

Article written by: Life Not Likes

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