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Impeka WordPress Theme Review – Create a Website with ‘Punch’

impeka wordpress theme review

Impeka WordPress Theme Review – Create a Website with ‘Punch’

Impeka WordPress Theme Review, from the Greatives stable in Athens. Find out why we chose it over everything else for Life Not Likes

I’ve always used Themeforest for my own personal WordPress websites and blogs. Since 2012 I’ve purchased and worked with quite a few at the front end of WordPress and there have been some significant updates to over the years to both WordPress and the themes that bolt on the front of it.

In 2021 I needed a theme to help build my idea of K90 Overland, a personal website detailing overlanding in Spain in an old Shogun Sport 4×4. Themeforest is full of themes and not all of them are good ones. There are those however that are exceptional and Impeka by Greatives is one of them.

What makes Impeka different?

There are hundreds of WordPress themes out there all of which are well built, have their own features and so on. Impeka caught my attention through it’s originality. There are quite a few unique features to this theme starting with 50+ elements for Elementor [my preferred page builder], is has a feature called a ‘safe button’ and the global modal feature is very interesting indeed – use for popups/CTA/messaging etc.

Custom headers, custom footers, custom menu’s can also be crafted to your liking and the blog options extensive and different. Impeka does what is should for a good WordPress theme, it does it well and just that litle bit differently.

Firstly, the content defines who you are, what you do and for what reason. As a result, the way you communicate your content has a huge impact on the final conversion of the user, more than you could imagine.

Impeka WordPress Theme Review

How often is it updated?

One sign of how good support is when you buy a theme is the updates, are they quick? Do they happen before WordPress updates or are updates released some time afterwards? If it’s the former then you have decent support, it means that the developers are on the ball. Updates from both themes and WordPress [including plugins] help keep your site safe and secure.

Since purchasing our first license there have been frequent updates which are also tremedously easy to impliment, essentially just a single click – not like the good old days!

Is it easy to learn?

Compared to other WordPress themes that I have purchased and worked with in the past the Impeka theme is very easy to use. Be aware though that there is a learning curve with every theme and if you are new to WordPress any ‘back end’ may appear daunting.

Impeka WordPress Theme Review
customization in Impeka

The customization options in the back end are endless, you need to be methodical and work through each one of them to get your theme and yor branding just right, it is very simple, it’s just the quantity that might become overwhelming.

Impeka WordPress Theme Review
Impeka theme options

Impeka also has a multitude of theme options, again, very easy to use, just have a play around and see the changes you can make with just a few clicks. You also have more advanced option for the likes of popups and modals all of which you can find video tutorials for.

Can you show me examples?

The three websites detailed below have all been built using the Impeka theme, the only theme we have ever purchased the license for more than once.

k90 overland
K90 Overland – 4×4 overlanding website built using Impeka
Fucked up porridge – personal food & health blog with a great name
Look familiar? Life Not Likes, te website you are on!

See more live examples using Impeka


I’ve been lucky with deals on this theme, the thing to know is that Impeka is often part of promotion on Themeforest, the authors are not shy about throwing it into summer sales, spring promos or winter flash sales. For a good theme like this you would usually expect to pay $59,00 dollars minimum. I have three licenses and have not paid more than $29,00 dollars for nay of them, if you are lucky and find it for this price het it snapped up.


I can’t really comment on support because I’ve never needed it, there have never been any issues. The theme is well documented however and there are many videos if you do get stuck on a paticular aspect. Themeforest has this theme highly rated and it currently has five stars out of five, support is always picked up by reviewers if it is lacking, this theme has no problem in this regard.

Why we continue to use it

We continue to use Impeka bacause of its flexibility and unique features such as ‘global modals’, ‘safe buttons’ and interetsing blog layout options, you reall can create something different froma simple blog to an advanced business or ecommerce store online.

Support is good and the documentation easy to understand even for beginners. I have experienced no issue with the theme unlike a couple of others I have which are updated several times over a WordPress update almost like the author is trying every possibility until they get it right, with Impeka it’s just right first time making for hassle free updates with new versions of WordPress.

Impeka uses Elementor as a page builder which is my preference although If you’re used to WP Bakery there is that option too – Also Gutenberg so all bases are covered.

Useful links

Note: I have no affiliation with the theme authors, this is my honest Impeka WordPress theme review to provide information to those considering a reliable template/theme solution in WordPress.

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